1HandR Design

1HandR Design Objectives

The 1HandR is designed to accomplish three objectives. First, to dispense towels one at a time with only one hand. This reduces paper towel waste, minimizes contaminations, and frees the second hand for performing other tasks. Second, to eliminate the unsightly display of rolled paper towels by enclosing the towels in a sleek, attractive, gourmet kitchen quality enclosure. Third, to free up counter space with an easy to install, easy to load, under the cabinet paper towel dispenser. 

1HandR Design Simplicity

The dispenser is simple to use, has no moving parts, doors or hinges, and is designed to be mounted under a cabinet. One side of the dispenser is open, and towels are loaded from this open side. The other side is closed and hides the towels from the side view. The 1HandR is made specifically so that the loading opening is reversible and can be positioned to either the left of right (back and front reversible) depending on how best works for your kitchen. 

1HandR Saves You Money

Towels are widely available and cost half as much as roll type towels. Yearly savings can easily add up to $100 per year. 

1HandR Design Quality

The 1HandR is designed and manufactured in the US and made with US components. The sleek and space-saving under-counter design is made from heavy 20 gauge steel and then finished with a very high quality and environmentally friendly powder coat. Stainless steel models are made with premium quality 18-8 S, type-304 stainless steel, selected for superior resistance to corrosion. 

1HandR Environmentally Conscious

Made from 100% steel, the dispenser is fully recyclable. All packaging materials are made from recyclable paper and paper products. The powder coat finish is environmentally friendly. Towels for the dispenser meet EPA standards with a minimum of 40% post consumer waste. Towels are shipped in a cardboard box and individual towel packs are wrapped in paper. No plastic wrapping and no core to dispose of. 

How do you load the dispenser?

One side is open. Simply slide the towels in from the side. No doors, no hinges, no moving parts. Takes about 3 seconds.


Cheryl loves to cook for her husband and children, Ella, Ian, and Henry. She just renovated her kitchen in Charlotte NC and installed a 1HandR. 

"I love this product. Looks great in my kitchen and I can cook more quickly and efficiently now that I am able to get a paper towel with one quick swoop. I can even get a paper towel while one hand is holding on to the kids."


Using1HandR from Acme Home Arts on Vimeo. 


  • Dispense towels with just one hand
  • Towels dispense one at a time
  • Fully enclosed towel supply
  • Attractive, designer style under cabinet dispenser
  • Takes no counter-space
  • Uses core-less towels costing half as much as roll towels
  • Accommodates many different paper towel options, including recycled types
  • Core-less towels take half as much storage space
  • No moving parts
  • Simple to install
  • Made in the US from US sourced materials 
  • Dimensions: 10.5” L x 9.5” W x 3.25” H
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs