What about the towels?

One of things that finally convinced us that we had to build this dispenser and offer it for sale was the towels themselves. After extensive testing, we’ve come to love the commercial style folded towels. They cost about half as much as roll towels and come in neat, compact, (core-less) packages. The folded towels are packaged in cardboard boxes that are about the size of the 15 roll pack yet hold three times as many towels (2400 vs. 780).

What is my yearly savings with these types of towels?

If you use about 100 rolls of towels per year, then you could save about $100 per year on towels.  Your savings will soon pay for the 1HandR dispenser, and after that the savings continue. You may save even more because towels always dispense just one at time.  So, the steel dispenser is free* (pays for itself) after about 7 months. 


Cost per year 

Savings per year over roll type 

Kleenex Multifold (5200 towels)



Signature 2100 (5200 towels)



15 roll supermarket pack (5200 towels)



Towels are environmentally friendly

The folded towels are by far more environmentally friendly then the rolled towels. Premium rolled paper towels typically come in packs of 15 rolls, with plastic wrapping on the entire packages, and then again for each roll. This is a big waste. The premium folded towels come in cardboard boxes, have paper wrapping, and have no cardboard roll to discard.

Do the commercial type towels fall apart easily? 

There are hundreds of types of multifold commercial type towels. Chances are you may have used a very thin towel dispensed in some restrooms. These light duty towels are sometimes used in restrooms, and will fit in the dispenser, but are not recommended for typical kitchen applications. We have carefully tested and have recommended stronger towels that will hold up to kitchen use.

Core-less towels are ultra compact compared to roll type towels.

Multifold towels take up about 1/3 as much space as rolled towels. Multifold towels are core-less, and take no wasted storage space. The towels are slightly compressed when packaged and actually expand as they are removed from the packs. No more lugging home huge packages of roll towels. Instead, have a compact 6 month supply case of towels shipped directly to your door. Many suppliers offer free shipping with a 3-5 day delivery time. 

Which towels do you recommend?

We’ve done extensive testing of towels from many manufacturers and stores. Our top three recommended towels are:

  • Kleenex Multifold (Acme Home Arts, Amazon, Costco, Staples, Office Max, 19 Amazon resellers)
  • Signature 21000 (Acme Home Arts, Amazon, Costco, Staples) 
  • Scott ScottFold M(Staples, Amazon, Office Max)

Where else can I buy these towels?

Costco, Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, HomeDepot.com. Our “highly recommended” towels are available from AcmeHomeArts.com with free shipping. Staples’s web site has about 11 versions and Costo has 6 . Brands of multifold towels include Kleenex, Scott, Georgia-Pacific, Marcal, Signature, Boardwalk, Kantek and Sustainable Earth. We are committed to extensive testing and evaluation of refill towels and to increasing the styles and options of refills available to our customers. We will continue to publish recycled content and to provide the lowest possible case prices to Acme Home Arts customers. 

What should I look for when shopping for towels? 

This dispenser uses “multifold”, also known as “M-fold”, towels. Look for “M-fold” or “Multifold” when shopping for towels. Note, a very similar looking towel called a “C-fold” will not work well in the dispenser.

Cost comparison of multifold towels vs. roll type towels


Sheets per pack (or roll) Packs (or rolls) per case Sheet per case Cost / case Cost / sheet comment comment

AHA 13254

120 25 3000 $60.00 0.02 strong, absorbent, 120 sheets

15 roll premium towels - supermarket pack

52 15 780 $29.00 0.037 nearly 4¢ only 52 sheets per roll