Is the 1HandR for you?

If you have been looking for a towel dispenser that truly complements your kitchen, has one handed ease of use, keeps paper towels out of sight, refills quickly with environmentally friendly towels, and reduces the spread of germs, the 1HandR may be perfect for you. You’ll need an under cabinet spot for the dispenser, a screwdriver and about 10 minutes to install. Load with towels in about 3 seconds and it’s ready to use. That’s it. 

Installation Tools Needed:

  1. #2 Philips screw driver 
  2. Felt tip pen or pencil 

Plan the location of the 1HandR:

  • The 1HandR is designed to install with the loading (open) side to either to the right or to the left.
  • Hold the 1HandR up under the cabinet where you want to install it. Position the loading opening to either the right or the left. Check under the cabinet making sure the loading side of the 1HandR is accessible and that there is nothing in the way of sliding the towels into the dispenser. 
  • Set the 1HandR aside.

Check to sure there is no heat producing device (such as a toaster) directly under where you plan to install. 

Check the thickness of the bottom of the cabinet where you plan to install the 1HandR. If the thickness of the bottom of the cabinet is not at least 5/8”, you may need to purchase smaller screws.

Installation (under cabinet or shelf)

  1. If dispenser contains towels, remove towels from dispenser 
  2. Hold the 1HandR in the location that you want to install it, and using the screw slots as a template, outline the slots onto the underside of the cabinet using a felt tip marker or pencil. You’ll see the slots have a narrow end and a larger end - the larger end is to allow the screw head to fit entirely through - the narrow end will support the dispenser. Be sure to clearly mark the narrow end of the slots. Set the 1HandR aside.
  3. Locate the two self tapping screws.
  4. Center the screws within the slot outline and at about 1/4” from the end narrow end of the slot. Install the two screws into the underside of the cabinet, leaving about a 1/4” gap between the screw head and the cabinet. Lift the 1HandR up to the cabinet, and locate it so that the screw heads protrude through the screw head openings in the slots. 
  5. Slide the 1HandR to the side so that the screw heads are in the narrow part of the slots. 
  6. Tighten the screws.
  7. The 1HandR is now ready to load with towels and use.

Installation (under wire rack or metro rack)

  1. Locate the four plastic zip ties.
  2. Insert one zip tie into each of the four mounting holes located in the top corners of the 1HandR.
  3. Hold the 1HandR in the location where you want to install it and use the ties to mount the dispenser.