1HandR Story

As the founder of Acme Home Arts (AHA), I am a frequent home cook (“foodie”) and I have been searching for many years for a one handed paper towel dispenser that actually works. I have accumulated a pile of $30 dispensers, both the under cabinet type, and the counter top type. None of them work. Most require two hands, often tip over, or have some other complication. One $150 dispenser is very complex and requires AC power, has exposed paper towels, and exposed wires.

I wanted a dispenser that looks pleasing and that fully encloses the paper towels. My kitchen can be seen from my family living area and I’ve never liked seeing a shaggy paper towel roll. I am also becoming more and more conscious of my use of paper. I did a little research and found that commercial style multi-folded single sheet towels were much less expensive than roll type paper towels, were highly absorbent and were available with high percentages of recycled content. Actual testing proved that they are strong and do not tear easily. Also, since folded towels dispense individually, I would never waste a towel by pulling out more than one at a time. 

So, I set about designing a sleek and simple dispenser while testing various types of individually dispensing commercial style paper towels. The “1HandR” dispenser is the result of three years of research, prototyping and field testing. The 1HandR dispenses one at a time at all pull angles. One hand to pull out a towel, less paper towel waste, significant savings over roll type paper towels, and a dispenser that has a true gourmet kitchen look.


"Since purchasing the 1HandR, I have saved over 50% in buying paper towels. The 1HandR has literally paid for itself. I now use only what I need, with each towel evenly dispensed. Plus no more unsightly paper towel rolls cluttering my kitchen. The AHA design team has hit the ball out of the park with this simple, but yet elegant dispenser. Thank you."

- Ryan, Sacramento CA